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Guess what we’ve missed: New songs by SLUR! Recorded and mastered at RAMA Studios by C. Bethge.

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Prelistening Outtakes

“Budgets were tight back then. The concept was simple, set up a clock, start playing some noise and when the clock hits 4 minutes switch to song 2.”


SLUR alias Joerg Beer. First guitar at the age of eight. Means smashguitars since 1968. Pedia/Wikipedia: Stations in his musical f*ckcareer were e.g. The Wild Animals, Overdose Kids, Jinx, Schwefel, Slowrazor, Multi Relax Foundation, Joe Lee and Ray Bee, Bad Pritt Arkestra, Mann Beisst Hund, Whitemask, Stuntmanbob, 8e Slur ... and finally SLUR.

Beer (Hombre) — always working, building around, playing live, trying out, doing and releasing. Regardless of whether it's Lightning Bolt, Ulme, Big Bill Broonzy or sick Disco-Noiseporn-Hop-Funk-Doodle stuff: humor, power, action and volume are very far ahead and a continuous input, output and/or influence.

SLUR — fed up with practicing in grimly hard workin' bands, now messing around for a few years as SLUR onemanshow — reducing and expanding at the same time. Numerous gigs in the Mannheim area ... whether in a music library, in punk sheds, somewhere on the meadow ... or funny supraregional shows, e.g. at Goldmark's Stuttgart or in some brainwashed rural dope regions. SLUR is still going strong. Because fun and agility counts.

Git it, smile and move yer booty ...

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